New Album of Works for Violin

susan-kander-hermestanzeMSR Classics has just released this album featuring three wonderful musicians: Jacob Ashworth, violin; Lee Dionne, piano, and Jessica Petrus, soprano. I am immensely honored to have worked with these extraordinary artists.

The title work, commissioned by Jacob Ashworth for violin and piano, is a 30-minute dramatic cycle based on the multi-faceted Greek god Hermes. Solo Sonata for violin-viola-violin was my first commission immediately following 9/11/2001; structured as a “feast-famine-feast” cycle, it features virtuosic outer movements for solo violin with a deeply felt Lament between them. A Garden’s Time Piece is a brief cycle for violin and soprano setting poems of Leslie Laskey.


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Program Notes  Hermestanze  |  Solo Sonata  |  A Garden’s Time Piece

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