New Album of Works for Violin

"Hermestänze rises beautifully to the challenge of compressing a lot of musical information into a small space…swift, evocative pencil sketches. [...] A Garden’s Time equally lovely and evanescent – most of the songs take no longer than a minute and leave you at once satisfied and waiting for more."


"…subdued and gentle Messiaen-like sonorities… sly humor…. Kander writes most graciously for the violin.
I think she has succeeded brilliantly, skillfully juxtaposing movements of greater and lesser tonality such that the listener’s interest never flags…. Kander in this recital proves herself to be a composer of vivid imagination and skill …. Twenty first-century music enthusiasts won’t want to miss this one."

-- David Canfield, FANFARE MAGAZINE

"The highlights...include ‘The Lyre’, which the violinist plucks out while simultaneously bowing a timeless lullaby against Lee Dionne’s lovely piano surreally doubling the tune. By contrast, Kander’s study of Apollo, another god of music, is raptly serene. [Solo Sonata​ for violin-viola-violin] is eloquent, impersonal and...wrenchingly powerful."



MSR Classics has just released this album featuring three wonderful musicians: Jacob Ashworth, violin; Lee Dionne, piano, and Jessica Petrus, soprano. I am immensely honored to have worked with these extraordinary artists.

The title work, commissioned by Jacob Ashworth for violin and piano, is a 30-minute dramatic cycle based on the multi-faceted Greek god Hermes. Solo Sonata for violin-viola-violin was my first commission immediately following 9/11/2001; structured as a “feast-famine-feast” cycle, it features virtuosic outer movements for solo violin with a deeply felt Lament between them. A Garden’s Time Piece is a brief cycle for violin and soprano setting poems of Leslie Laskey.

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Program Notes  Hermestanze  |  Solo Sonata  |  A Garden's Time Piece

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Susan Kander: Hermestänze

Susan Kander: Hermestänze

MSR Classics [MS 1578]
Performed by: Jacob Ashworth, violin & viola; Lee Dionne, piano; Jessica Petrus, soprano.
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Bassoon Transcended

World Premiere Recordings [MS 1439]
Works on this album by Susan Kander: The Lunch Counter: A Musical Play in 7 Movements
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MSR Classics [MS 1403]
Works on this album by Susan Kander: Postcards from America for oboe and piano
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Susan Kander: Five Movements for my Father

Susan Kander: Five Movements for my Father

Loose Cans Music [5050]
Performed by: Keith Phares, baritone; Roberta Gumbel, soprano; Suzanne Ornstein, violin; Lino Gomez, clarinet/sax;
Eric Bartlett, cello; Thomas Schmidt, piano.

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Imaginary Symphony and Other Tales, Music of Anthony Piccolo

Navona Records NV5904
Works on this album by Susan Kander: Original Text for Fever Time
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